A Guide on Buying Kitchen Sinks in Singapore

Updated on Wednesday 20th June 2018

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The kitchen is one of the most important places in a house which is why we want it to look as good as possible. The furniture must combine nicely with the tiling; however, a kitchen must first be functional in order for us to be able to move comfortably around it. One of the most important pieces in a kitchen is the sink. When deciding to change a kitchen sink in a Singapore home there are few tips on how to buy a new one.

Below, our plumbers in Singapore have prepared a short guide on buying a new kitchen sink.

What to consider when buying kitchen sinks in Singapore?

Whether you have decided to remodel the whole kitchen or simply change the sink don’t forget to measure the old one before starting off to buy a new kitchen. If you ask our plumbing professionals, they would recommend you consider the following aspects when buying a kitchen sink in Singapore:
  • the type of sink you want to buy – there are several types of kitchen sinks you can choose from;
  • the material of sink – here too there are various material these sinks are made of;
  • the color of the kitchen sink – you can even personalize your kitchen sink in Singapore;
  • the place where you install it is also important when going shopping for a new kitchen sink in Singapore.
Our Singapore plumbing professionals can help you choose the right type of sink for your kitchen.

Types of kitchen sinks in Singapore

Here are the main types of sinks you can have installed in your kitchen in Singapore:
  1. the farmhouse or apron sink is one of the most functional types of kitchen sinks which can be incorporated in a conventional Singapore kitchen;
  2. the undermount sink will blend perfectly with the countertop of the furniture; apart from this it is also very easy to install by our plumber in Singapore;
  3. corner sinks are a good option for small kitchens where you will definitely want to save space;
  4. island kitchen sinks which go perfectly with large modern kitchen in Singapore houses.

Choosing a Singapore kitchen sink based on the material it is made of

Another important aspect which must be taken into account when buying a kitchen sink in Singapore is the material this is made of. From this point of view, you can choose between:
  • stainless steel sinks;
  • granite kitchen sinks;
  • cast iron sinks;
  • composite material sinks.

You can even choose a bamboo kitchen sink for you Singapore home. If you need assistance in choosing a kitchen sink or plumbing services in Singapore, don’t doubt in contacting us.


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