Converting a Bathtub to a Shower in Singapore

Updated on Tuesday 07th February 2017

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Converting a Bathtub to a Shower in Singapore Image
Whether you want to adapt to the newest trends, save time or space, converting a bathtub to a shower in your Singapore home is the solution. However, this can be achieved only in certain conditions. So, how can it be done? Our plumbers in Singapore provide a few answers below.

Advice on removing the old bathtub from our plumber in Singapore

Obviously, it all starts with removing the old bathtub. This is quite a complex procedure, requiring a plumbing services professional in Singapore to undertake it. If the bathtub is made of cast iron, it will require more persons to carry it out. And, instead of throwing it to old irons, consider reselling it if it is in a good condition. During this removal, the plumber in Singapore will also take care of the following tasks:

•    Verify the subfloor and framing for any signs of mildew, mold or rot and effectuate the necessary repairs if needed;
•    Make an evaluation of the current pipes and replace any if required;
•    Ensure that the shower valve is in proper state. Now it would be the ideal time to update the valve which controls the water volume and temperature.

Build the new shower in Singapore

It is another job that is taken care of by professionals when converting a bathtub to a shower in Singapore. They can advise you on the best space usage in your bathroom and present you with the options available for your own needs and conditions. It is important to consider aspects like:

•    Water drainage system;
•    Preventing water spills;
•    Choosing the right door to fit your own bathroom space.

Other shower additions

Depending on the available space and your own desires, there can be other shower additions installed, like lightning, shelves, a window or a bench. Let your Singapore plumbing professional know what your preference are and they will come up with the optimum solutions. Obviously, all these additions will have to be waterproofed, with special attention being paid to just around any window. 

We can provide you with the most modern bathtub to shower conversion in Singapore a quick, reliable and cost-effective manner. Please get in touch with our plumbers in Singapore for if you decided you need type of service, or for any other plumbing issue you might have in your home. 



October 10, 2017

Hi ,

I would like to made an inquiry on the removal of bathtub at my master toilet. I would wonder what is the cost of removing the bathtub and the water pipe reroute.

Do you need to do a survey ?

Hello Patrick! Please send us your question via e-mail at office@ เกมยิงปลาตายไว and we will reply as fast as possible. Have a great day!

Ong Hock Soon

January 27, 2018

I intend to remove my bathtub (20 yrs old) in my masterbed room and convert to standing shower. What are the options available and cost. Thanks

Hello Ong Hock Soon! Please send us a detailed email about your project at office@ เกมยิงปลาตายไว and we will respond ASAP. Have a great day!


February 20, 2018

Hi I want to remove my bathtub , around how much does it cost and how many days do you need? Thank you

Hello Sylvia! Thank you for your comment! Please send us a detailed email about your project at office@ เกมยิงปลาตายไว and we will reply with a personalized offer ASAP. Have a great day!


April 22, 2018

Hi i would like to remove my bathtub and change to standing shower . How much will it cost and how long it will take .

Hello Umai! Thank you for your request! Please send us your request via email at office@ เกมยิงปลาตายไว and we will reply as fast as possible with an offer. Have a great day!

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