DIY vs. Professional Plumbers in Singapore

Updated on Wednesday 15th February 2017

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Sometimes when dealing with a plumbing issue, we are tempted to do it ourselves instead of calling a professional plumber in Singapore. Here is our point of view when it comes to DIY vs. professional plumbers in Singapore.

Clogged drains in Singapore

Some homeowners try to unclog a drain by themselves, by using a drain plunger or chemicals which can be dangerous and bad for the environment and pipes. We recommend you to hire a professional plumber in case you realize the drain plunger does not work. A plumber in Singapore can actually diagnose and fix the issue rather than just treating the symptom, ensuring a viable solution for the long term.

Dripping faucets

If you are wondering whether this is a DIY or a professional plumber job in Singapore, it is important to understand that a dripping faucet can lead to a lot of waste in terms of water and, eventually, money spent on high bills, not to mention that of precious resources. Attempting to fix a dripping faucet by yourself without having the appropriate tools and pieces of installations could bring a temporary solution to the problem. However, in the long term, calling a plumbing services professional in Singapore proves, in our experience, to be a better solution.

When you are remodeling your home in Singapore

When remodeling your home in Singapore, it is important to realize that the piping system of the house needs more complex work which requires special knowledge and experience. A Singapore plumbing professional has knowledge on the permits which are required and knows the building codes of the city-state. Therefore, hiring a professional in the field will guarantee that all the connections and installations are effectuated appropriately and they will last for a very long time.

An overflowing toilet

Emergencies like an overflowing toilet should definitely be left for a pro to handle, since this situation can create a huge damage to your property. When an entire hour goes by and you realize you cannot fix this issue by yourself because of lack of proper training and equipment, that is a valuable time in which your house can suffer great damage. 

If you need more details about DIY vs. professional plumbers in Singapore, or if you encounter any plumbing issue on your property, we invite you to contact our plumbers in Singapore.



February 16, 2017

Very useful website! A lot to learn from.


February 17, 2017

Professional services are definitely something to take seriously, especially in extensive plumbing work. I once rented a house where the owner insisted that the plumbing was perfectly done by his own hand. Months later we had to pay half of the plumbing work costs.


February 21, 2017

I will always prefer to address to a professional than to start my own project. DIY is recommended only when the person does have some experience or knowledge.


February 26, 2017

I got stuck with the dripping faucet repairs and this is why I contacted your team. They convinced me entirely and I'm pleased with their work!

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