Downpipe Installation in Singapore

Updated on Tuesday 07th November 2017

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Downpipe systems are pipes which drain the water from the gutters. They are very important for the drainage of a house and, if they are not correctly set up, they can produce many damages to a property. In this article, our plumbers in Singapore explain how they install downpipes in Singapore.

Setting up downpipes in Singapore

The downpipes installed by our plumber in Singapore are generally made of PVC. In order to set them up, our local plumbers will use a hacksaw, a hammer, a ladder, a cloth, planks, a measuring tape, a ruler and a pencil.
Here is how we install downpipes in Singapore:
Assembling the downpipes, utilizing angles if there are soffits. In the places where a downpipe has a socket on it, the socket from the long segment of the bend can be sawn off. This allows the left spigot to be able to match into the downpipe socket;
Cutting the socket off the long end of a downpipe bend, making a tight offset;
Solvent welding together the pipe and fittings with a special cement, however the downpipe socket or the top bend to the rainwater head outlet should not be solvent welded;
Fixing the downpipe on the wall by utilizing three pipe clips for each length. Since our plumbers in Singapore will use non-corrosive screws to fix the clips of the downpipe, it may be removed at a later date.
After setting up the downpipes, they can be painted in any color, depending on the proprietor’s preferences. 
The surfaces will have to be prepared by being wiped off with a bath cleaner and then thoroughly washed. After they become dry, our plumbers will apply two coats of acrylic paint, making sure the first one is dry before applying the last coat of paint.

Downpipe maintenance in Singapore

To avoid the problems which come with having your downpipes repaired or replaced, our Singapore plumbing professionals advise you to sign up for a planned maintenance.
Our team can effectuate regular checks on all the aspects of your home, including the downpipe system. We have the knowledge and skills to detect and fix small problems before they turn into costly repairs.
For more about how downpipes are installed and repaired, or for any other type of plumbing services in Singapore, please contact our team of local plumbers.


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