Fixing Common Toilet Problems in Singapore

Updated on Saturday 22nd July 2017

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The toilet tank is where all the important fixtures take place and where most of your toilet maintenance will appear. The purpose of the tank is to enclose the water required to flush the toilet and to hide the plumbing device that fills and drains the tank. Related with a blocked toilet, tank problems can seem quite irrelevant.

Yet, weird noises or constant water running can be more than irritating and they can also be costing you money for the wasted water.

Our plumbers in Singapore can solve most of the tank difficulties rapidly and simply and can give you information, in order to preserve your plumbing system.

Repairing the toilet tank in Singapore

Once the plumber in Singapore knows how the toilet works, he can begin to look for the cause of the toilet tank issues. He will lift the cover of the toilet reservoir and will be able to follow the process quite simply.

If the water stays, the plumber will know that the float ball doesn’t grow adequate to lower the controller plunger in the ballcock assembly. A cause could be that the float ball is rubbing against the lateral of the tank.

If this is the problem, our plumber in Singapore will curve the float arm slightly to transfer the ball away from the tank side.

The common toilet problems that our plumbers can fix are:

•    slow tank fill;
•    double flusher;
•    weak flusher;
•    bowl water level drops;
•    slugging flush;
•    whistling tank fill.

Fixing a clogged toilet in Singapore

If the toilet water doesn’t go down it means that the toilet is blocked. In this case, our team in Singapore will make sure that water is not backing up into other drain, like the shower or the bathtub.

Plunging a blocked toilet can splash dirty water around the zone, therefore, old clothes and some walls protection might be a good idea, as our plumbers in Singapore recommend when they begin to fix your toilet problems.

The plumber in Singapore will scrub the washbasin with a toilet brush, particularly up under the edge where the rinse holes are. He will turn off the water source valve, will flush the toilet to clear the bowl and then will plunge the bowl to force out all of the remaining water. 

Repairing a toilet fill valve in Singapore

The toilet fill valve is a mechanism that permits the tank to fill with water to the proper level. The water is deposited in the tank until the toilet is flushed and this valve uses a drift to turn the water on and off.
The valve can run bad and can get to the point where even after correcting the float, the toilet will continue to run, wasting water. In this case, the plumber will replace the fill valve.

Repairing low bowl water level

In case there is a low water level in the toilet bowl, this might happen because of two reasons:
The water might be slowly siphoned by a partial blockage in the bowl colon. To check if this is the issue, the toilet bowl is emptied of water by our plumber in Singapore and, utilizing a flashlight and a mirror, he will look inside the toilet colon. In such cases, our local plumbers will unclog the bowl colon;
Other times, the toilet bowl could have a crack inside the colon or bowl piping. This can be fixed only by setting up a new toilet bowl.

Fixing a constantly running toilet in Singapore

If you have a constantly running toilet in your bathroom, there can be different solutions to this issue, such as:
The level or water in the toilet tank is too high, causing the water to spill into the overflow pipe. In this case, our local plumbers will regulate the water level in the toilet tank;
Our plumber ensures the tank ball lift wire is straight and that the tank ball comes directly on the center of the flush valve opening;
The flush valve does not seal properly. In such a situation, we will check the tank ball or flapper ball and replace it if it is damaged or became soft;
The plunger or diaphragm ballcock does not turn off entirely. To solve this issue, our Singapore plumbing professionals bend the float arm to shove the float ball more deeply into the water.

For any other problems regarding your toilet bowl or tank, or for any other plumbing services in Singapore, please contact our team of plumbing contractors.



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