How to Install a Gas Stove in Singapore

Updated on Saturday 05th January 2019

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The variety of stoves homeowners can choose from has increased a lot in the last few years, however, gas stoves still remain among the favorite of most persons. When considering เกมยิงปลาตายไวhaving a gas stove installed in a home in Singapore, it should be noted that certain regulations imposed by the authority regulating the energy sector should be respected. This is why our plumbers in Singapore recommend you to carefully choose the right type of gas stove.
Setting up a gas stove in Singapore is very important to be effectuated by a professional because a gas leak in your house can produce a disaster or even be fatal. Therefore, make sure you have a qualified plumber in Singapore do this job in order to avoid any unpleasant situations.

What to consider when buying a gas stove for a Singapore home

There are several types of gas stoves one can choose from nowadays, however, there are a few aspects which should be considered when purchasing such a kitchen appliance:
  1.           measure the space where the gas stove will be located, if you decide for a free-standing stove;
  2.           you should have customized furniture if you decide on a kitchen hob which comes with a built-in oven;
  3.           make sure the gas stove will be located close to the main supply line in order to avoid improvisations;
  4.           make sure the stove you purchase is a gas one and not an LPG one.

Another tip when buying a new gas stove is to stick to your previous setup arrangements unless you are remodeling the kitchen, case in which you can change the type of stove or even go for a cooktop and separate oven.

The price should also be considered when buying a new gas stove: the prices vary a lot based on the functions of the stove, however, our specialists advise you to choose based on your cooking habits and daily use instead of going for pricy objects with functions you will not use.

Our plumbing professionals in Singapore can make a few recommendations on how to purchase the right type of gas stove based on your preferences.

Placing the gas stove in the kitchen

A very important aspect which should be considered when installing or replacing a gas stove is the place where it will be placed. Because gas stoves heat during use, it is recommended not to put them next to wood furniture. If the stove is surrounded by any wall, it should be heat resistant in order to avoid accidents. Most of the times, the wall against which the gas stove is placed is covered by ceramic tiles.

It is also advisable to check the manufacturer’s recommendations related to เกมยิงปลาตายไวhow to place the stove in the kitchen. The instructions manual will also contain important information on the types of pipes the stove can be connected to and the types of gas fitters that can be used.

Having a gas stove installed in a home in Singapore is not an easy job, which is why our Singapore plumbing professionals offer the needed help in such cases.

Gas stoves and other appliances

It is very common for the gas stove to be connected to various types of other kitchen appliances. Among these, cooktops, range hoods, or exhaust fans. One of the most important things to consider is the distance from these appliances. The minimum distance between the burner of the stove and the hood should be at least 60 cm, while between the burner and the exhaust fan can go up to 1 meter.

Why choose a gas stove for a kitchen in Singapore?

With a wide variety of stoves available, gas stoves have started becoming less and less used as electric hobs took their place in most homes. However, the greatest chefs in the world still use gas stoves in their restaurants. There are a few good reasons they choose them, one of the most important being their reliance: gas stoves are very resistant and hardly ever break. Also, the heat emanated by gas stoves is evenly distributed under the cookware and the power of the flame can be controlled just like in the case of electric hobs.

Gas stoves also come in a variety of models: one can choose freestanding stoves which are made of both cooktops and ovens, gas cooktops and ovens can also come separately, and the latest invention comes in the form of gas stoves with electric ovens.

Hooking up the gas range in Singapore

The first step in installing a gas stove in Singapore is hooking up the gas range. To do so, our plumbers in Singapore do the following:
  • pulling out of range: the range is pulled out and the gas cock is turned off. The gas is shut off when the lever is located at a right angle to the pipe;
  • wrapping the pipe threads: a Teflon pipe-joint tape is wrapped two times around the threads in a clockwise direction. The ½ in x ¾ in coupling is fitted into the ¾ in end connector fixture because ½ in end fitting connectors at both ends cannot always be found;
  • screwing the connector to the gas pipe: the end connector fixture is removed and the unbeveled end is wrapped with Teflon tape, then it is screwed to the gas pipe. Both of the removable end fixtures are always used. Our Singapore plumbing professionals take the precaution measure of never screwing the connector nuts which are found at the ends of the corrugated tube to a black gas fixture or line because this would certainly cause a gas leak;
  • using a street elbow: a ½ in x ½ in the street elbow is screwed into the range gas port. Afterward, the other end fixture of the connector is screwed into the street elbow;
  • tightening the nuts: the connector nuts are tightened to the two end connector fixtures. When doing so, the tube is held straight against the fixture;
  • verifying for any leaks: the gas cock is turned on in a vertical position and the range burners are lit for around a minute to eliminate the air from the gas line. Next, all the joints which have been made are sprayed with a gas leak detector.

Buying the right gas stove connector in Singapore

When setting up a new gas stove in Singapore, we recommend you not to reuse an old connector. Therefore, before starting the job, our plumber in Singapore can help you acquire a new one.

Assistance in installing a gas stove in Singapore

Even if most homeowners consider that installing a gas stove is simple, easy and a เกมยิงปลาตายไวdo-it-yourself job, things are not quite like that. A wrong or loose connection can lead to gas leaks and other malfunctions which are very dangerous. With specialized help from our Singapore plumbers, the homeowner will avoid all that.

Our plumbers can help homeowners in Singapore with various services, including the installation of all types of gas stoves, including detection of gas leaks. They will check all the parameters of the stove and make sure it works perfectly before leaving. They will also recommend the licensed fittings and gas connectors in order to ensure correct installation of the stove.
If you would like to set up a gas stove in Singapore without dangerous leaks, or for any other kind of plumbing services in Singapore, we invite you to get in touch with us. You can rely on us for a wide variety of professional services in the plumbing field.
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