How to Prevent Sewer Clogs in Singapore

Updated on Friday 21st April 2017

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Sometimes, the entire sewer system on a property can get blocked, which requires the assistance of professional plumbers in Singapore. In order for this not to happen, here is how to prevent a sewer system from clogging in Singapore.

Keep trees and plants away from the sewer in Singapore

Many times, a sewer can get clogged because of the roots of the trees and plants which are placed too close to the sewer line. This makes it difficult to maintain it, as well as presents the danger of the roots infiltrating into the line, which could result in blocking it. Sometimes, this could even lead to the destruction of the sewer line, so make sure you organize your garden appropriately in order to avoid this issue.

How to dispose of waste in the appropriate manner - tips from our plumbers in Singapore

Other times, clogs can happen because of the waste that is flushed down the toilet or discharged down the drain. This waste can get blocked and cause a lot of unpleasant issues. Pay attention to the way you dispose of waste and be aware of any large materials which could cause the sewer line to get clogged. Such materials can gather or get trapped in the sewer line. If you have this type of problem, make sure to call a Singapore plumbing professional to unclog the sewer line.

Avoid throwing certain substances into the sewer line in Singapore

It is worth mentioning that there are certain substances a homeowner should pay special attention to the way they are disposed of. These materials should never be thrown in the sewer pipes and they can be:

•    butter;
•    margarine;
•    meat scraps;
•    cooking oil;
•    grease;
•    food scraps;
•    other materials. 

When thrown into the sewer lines, these materials can form big, thick grease balls which can clog the pipes. A clogged sewer pipe can cause sewer backups and spills, generating environmental issues, flooded properties, as well as traffic tie-up.

For more details about how to avoid sewer clogs in Singapore, or if you have a sewer clogged pipe on your property, we invite you to get in touch with our plumbing services firm in Singapore.



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