How to Repair a Leaking Roof in Singapore

Updated on Tuesday 27th November 2018

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There are many plumbing problems a homeowner can face, however, one of the most unpleasant ones is a leaking roof. Singapore is one of the countries in which rain is part of the daily routine, therefore having a leaking roof is often met here.

It is quite difficult to handle a roof leak repair on your own in Singapore, therefore the help of specialists is always a must.

The first thing to do when having to repair a leaking roof is to see where it is located. This can be done by going on the roof or by checking the ceiling on the inside of the building, however, it is advisable to request professional help before taking any action.

Our plumbers in Singapore can help in fixing any type of roof leaks.

How can you locate a roof leak in Singapore?

The easiest way of detecting a roof leak in your Singapore home is by climbing up a ladder onto the roof. The place where the roof leaks is usually covered in mold, however, this is not the only way to locate a leaking roof.

If you decide to call our Singapore plumbers these will perform the following checks in order to make sure they detect the leak and more importantly, to make sure they locate all the leaks, in case there are more:
  •           they will first look for any leak penetrations from above, but also inside the home;
  •           as mentioned above, mold forming around the leak means our plumbers have detected it;
  •           our plumbers will verify the entire roof, as it is possible to prevent potential leaks;
  •           water stains and black marks are also indicators of a leaking roof or soon-to-be a leaking roof.

If you decide to check the roof for any leaks, our plumbers recommend you use a flashlight and inspect the roof from inside the house – the attic being the best room for this inspection. When it comes to the roof leak repair in Singapore, please leave that to our plumbers.

If you only suspect a leak in the roof, our plumbers can help you find it by running water with the help of a garden hose on the roof. The leak should appear on the inside of the roof. This is usually the case of small leaks which are also the hardest to find.

Steps in repairing a leaking roof in your home in Singapore

Once the hardest part is completed, and that is finding the leak, it is time to repair it. A roof leak repair in a Singapore home depends on where the leak is located, the material the roof is made of and the part or parts that need to be replaced.

The following steps must be completed in order to repair a leaking roof:
  1.           in the case of loose or broken shingles, these can be straightened and attached to their original place or simply replaced;
  2.           in the case of cracked shingles, a strong water-proof sealant can be used to cover the crack;
  3.           cleaning the gutter is another important part of repairing a leaking roof as our plumbers will make sure the water can run through it in order to avoid water accumulation;
  4.           roll roofing around the chimney must also be repaired, like this one of the most common causes of leaking roofs;
  5.           the substrate of the roofing is usually made of wood and once water infiltrates around it, its replacement will be necessary.

The best materials which can be used in roof leak repairs in Singapore are cement, concrete and special sealants. These can only be found with our Singapore plumbing professionals.

Why request specialists to have a roof leak fixed?

As described above, a leaking roof is not an easy plumbing to deal with, especially in Singapore where rain falls more than in other parts of the world. Despite having modern appliances which can help with the collection of water, roof leaks can still appear, especially when it comes to old houses with same old roofs.

By requesting the help of our Singapore plumbers, you will be able to fix a leaking roof without replacing it. We will use our knowledge and expertise to tailor the services we offer to the kind of problem you are dealing with, including when it comes to having a leaking roof.

When it comes to a leaking roof, we will first inspect it in order to make sure all the surface of the roof has been covered and to detect leaks and places where leaks could form. Then, we will decide on the best way to repair the leak based on the type of material it is made of. Also, in case other problems appear, we will also fix those in order to prevent other issues which might appear after a short period of time.

If you decide the best course is to replace the roof, we can also help you with such services.

Having a leaking roof is quite difficult and can lead to serious problems in the entire house, so as soon as you see any water stains or marks, do not hesitate to contact our Singapore plumbers for an evaluation of the entire roof.
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