Install a Battery-Operated Backup Sump Pump

Updated on Sunday 28th January 2018

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An effective method to make sure that your sump pump continues to function even when there is a lack of power is to install a battery-operated backup sump pump
During a normal operation, the electric sump pump pumps water from the pit. However, in case the electricity disconnects, the battery-operated backup sump pump automatically begins working when the pit fills with water.
In this article, our plumber in Singapore explains how we install such a sump pump.

Steps taken to set up a battery-operated backup sump pump in Singapore

The steps taken by our plumbers in Singapore to set up a battery-operated backup sump pump are:
Unplugging, disconnecting and taking out the current sump pump from the pit;
Applying Teflon tape on the threads of a check valve, then lightening the valve on the side of the new 110-volt sump pump;
Wrapping Teflon tape around the threads of the battery-operated sump pump. Then, tightening the new pump on the check valve. Both pumps are set into the sump pit;
Afterwards, our plumber in Singapore cuts a 1 ½-inch diameter PVC pipe to length to have a discharge line;
Gluing the PVC pipe and the fittings and connecting the current discharge pipe with stainless steel hose clamps and rubber connector;
Setting the deep-cycle 12-volt marine battery in a protective plastic box and setting a close shelf;
Making the low-voltage cable connections between the battery and the new sump pump;
Other steps: we can offer you further details on what these other steps consist of.

Why have a battery-operated backup sump pump in Singapore?

A sump pump is one of the most significant, and perhaps the most ignored, devices used to prevent disasters in your home.
If such a simple system stops functioning, the results can be very damaging, causing a lot of expenses, daily disruptions caused by important repairs and more costly insurance premiums in the future.
Sometimes, home proprietors choose to use a replacement sump pump in case the current pump stops working. However, what if there is a power outage and you are in a holiday or if the sump pump stops working during a storm?
That is why our Singapore plumbing professionals recommend you to set up a battery-operated backup sump pump: no matter what the cause of the sump pump failure is, this backup system always functions.
If you have more questions about a sump pump backup, or for any plumbing services in Singapore you might request, please contact us.


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