Plumbing Calculator

Updated on Friday 10th November 2017

Please select one or more plumbing problems from the list below in order to see the cost. Please take into account that the result is of course an approximation. One of our specialists will contact you via email to provide additional info. We will NOT send you any unsolicited emails.

Clogged Drains

Clogged drain - kitchen sink
Clogged drain - bathroom sink
Clogged toilet bowl
Clogged bathtub drain
Clogged shower drain
Clogged floor trap


Leaking pipe
Detect and resolve concealed pipe leak


Install bathroom sink
Install kitchen sink
Supply&install bottle trap
Install dishwashe
Install bathtub
Install water heater
Supply&install toilet bowl set
Supply& install basin
Install urinal bowl
Install bidet
Install water meter


Replace kitchen sink
Replace bathroom sink
Replace basin trap
Replace basin tap
Replace bottle trap
Replace water heater
Replace toilet bowl
Replace basin
Replace urinal bowl
Replace water meter

Copy the digits from the image into this box.


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