Repair or Replace a Mixer Tap in Singapore

Updated on Monday 06th February 2017

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A mixer tap is a tap through which hot, as well as cold water go in the same time by separate controls. If you have a plumbing problem with your mixer tap, be it that it is leaking or whether the taps are playing up, or if you just want to give your kitchen a new look and replace it entirely, it is always handy to know how to repair or replace a mixer tap in Singapore. Here are a few tips from our plumbers in Singapore:

Mixer tap repair in Singapore

If you want to repair a mixer tap in Singapore, you will need certain tools such as:

•    Hex or allen keys;
•    Adjustable spanner.

Here are the most important steps that need to be followed when repairing a mixer tap in Singapore:

1.    Remove the screw in the handle;
2.    Take away the handle;
3.    Take away the dome cover;
4.    Remove the locking nut;
5.    Take away the mixer cartridge.

Even though is it a fairly simple job, repairing a mixer tap in Singapore can be quite problematic if you are not a professional plumber in Singapore. We recommend you to let a professional deal with this issue while you take care of your daily activities.

Installing the new mixer tap -  a task presented by our plumber in Singapore

When installing a new mixer tap in Singapore, homeowners are advised to remove all things from under the sink so that the plumber can easily reach the pipes beneath. 

Replacing a mixer tap in Singapore is commonly easier than taking away the existing one. All the Singapore plumbing professional has to do is reverse the procedure and install the new tap appropriately and to ensure that all seals are tight so that there will not be any leaks.

When replacing a mixer tap in Singapore, the following steps are taken:

1.    Fitting of the new tap on the top side of the sink;
2.    Connecting the     tap under the sink;
3.    Connecting the tap to the water pipes;
4.    Turning on the water.

Depending on the make and the model of the mixer tap, there can be different types of seal rings that are utilized. The fastest and easiest way to get a perfect match is to preserve the old one and go to the local plumber store in Singapore to acquire an exact replacement or a plumber’s repair kit.

If you need to repair or replace a mixer tap, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our experienced plumbers in Singapore.


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