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Updated on Monday 13th November 2017

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Properly installed gutters develop the water transfer efficiency from the roof of a property to a drainage system. This helps to keep an appropriate structure of the building by avoiding the issues generated by leaking or incorrectly positioned gutters many times. In this article, our plumbers in Singapore explain how they replace gutters in Singapore

Steps taken to replace gutters in Singapore

To replace the gutters of a property in Singapore, our plumber takes the following steps:
Firstly, the old gutters are removed by our plumber in Singapore;
Then, a gutter bracket is fitted next to the top of the fascia board at one extremity of the guttering. A builder’s line or a string piece is tied at the bracket base;
Next, the gutter outlet is positioned appropriately, by holding a plumb line against the fascia right over the drain. The fascia position is marked and the gutter outlet is fixed no more than 55 mm under the level of the roof tiles;
Afterwards, the string or the builder’s line is stretched from the bracket along the fascia board and it is tied up to the outlet. A spirit level is utilized to verify if the string slopes towards the outlet;
Then, the position of the other brackets is marked. In case the outlet is in the center of the gutter, the process is repeated by our plumbers in Singapore with a bracket at the other extremity of the guttering run so that it also slopes towards the outlet;
The other brackets are fitted;
A stop-end to the first length of the gutter is fitted and the gutter is clipped into position on the brackets;
Finally, a union piece is fitted at the other extremity of the first length and it is screwed into the fascia, after which the next gutter length is fitted into it. All the lengths are joined. The last section is cut to fit by utilizing a hacksaw, then a stop-end is attached and our plumbers ensure that all the joints are lined with the insertion depth marks on the fittings.

Types of gutters in Singapore

The gutters used by our Singapore plumbing professionals can be fabricated from:
Aluminum: these gutters are lightweight and present different joining systems;
Plastic (vinyl): they are also lightweight and easy to work with;
Copper: the copper gutters are durable and easy to set up;
Cast iron: these are traditional and long-lasting, however very heavy.
For more information about how to replace guttering, or for any plumbing services in Singapore, please contact our friendly staff.


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