Supply and Install Toilet Bowl in Singapore

Updated on Friday 16th June 2017

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In case your toilet has leaks or cracks, utilizes too much water per flush or simply has grown out of fashion, it might be the time to replace it. You might consider hiring a good plumber in Singapore for the supply and installation of a new toilet bowl

We invite you to watch the following video on how to install a toilet bowl


Installation of Toilet Bowl in Singapore

For the installation of a new toilet bowl, the following steps are taken:

1.    Removing the old toilet:
It implies:
•    turning off the water at the shutoff valve;
•    flushing the toilet to let all the water out from the toilet tank and bowl;
•    using a plunger to push any water left down the drain line;
•    removing any water from the tank with a sponge and a bucket. If you need the help of a reliable plumber in Singapore who will safely remove the old toilet, feel free to ask for our assistance.
2.    Disconnecting the supply line:
It consists of:
•    disconnecting the supply line with an adjustable wrench;
•    maintaining the water pipe secure when attempting to loosen the supply line from the valve.
3.    Lifting the tank and toilet bowl:
This involves:
•    disconnecting and taking away the tank from the bowl by extracting the bolts from the bottom of the tank, using an adjustable wrench;
•    taking out the tank by lifting it.
4.    Unbolting the  tank and toilet bowl from the floor:
It is made of:
•    popping the toilet bolt caps;
•    utilizing a pair of pliers or an adjustable wrench to take out the nuts and washers on the bolts which secure the bowl to the floor. 
5.    Verifying for caulking around the bowl base:
It entails:
•    verifying if the toilet bowl was caulked around the base where it joints with the floor;
•    lightly rocking the toilet bowl back and forwards until it can be freed and lifted.
6.    Verifying the bolt around the flange:
It consists of:
•    verifying the state of the current toilet bowl bolts in the flange from the floor drain;
•    removing the old wax ring by utilizing a putty knife and wiping away all excess with a damp sponge or rag;
•    stuffing a rag into the open line in the floor.
7.    Inspecting the flange for any damages:
It involves:
•    Inspecting the flange.
8.    Placing the new wax ring:
It implies:
•    either resting the new toilet bowl on the side and attaching the replacement wax ring at the bottom of the bowl; or
•    more commonly, one of our plumbers in Singapore will be placing the wax ring in position on the flange before setting the bowl into its place.
9.    Placing the toilet bowl on the flange:
It implicates:
•    aligning the bolt holes at the base of the bowl with the bolts inside the flange.
10.    Securing the toilet:
It is made of:
•    placing a washer and nut on every toilet bowl bolt and tightening evenly the nuts onto the bolts;
•    cutting any excess bolts from over the top of the washers and nuts with a hacksaw;
•    placing the tank onto the bowl, arranging the shank of the bolts with the holes in the bowl. 
11.    Attaching the tank to the toilet bowl:
It consists of:
•    putting the tank on the floor;
•    installing the “tank to bowl” gasket onto the base of the flush valve and inserting the tank bolts and washers from the inside of the tank if necessary;
•    putting the tank on the bowl;
•    securing the tank;
•    reattaching the supply line;
•    testing the toilet for any leaks.
12.  Choosing a brand new toilet seat: from our experience, most toilets with two pieces are not supplied with a toilet seat. This has to be bought separately. Choose a toilet seat which fits the toilet model of your choice. 

Supply of Toilet Bowls in Singapore

We have supplied and installed toilet bowls in Singapore for many years as well as serviced many other different plumbing issuesPlease contact our plumbers in Singapore to find out more.



February 16, 2017

Very good article!


February 17, 2017

I did notice that my toilet bowl was using too much water at every flush. Will definitely look into changing it! This is good advice.


February 21, 2017

The article presented in a clear manner all the aspects related to this subject.

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