Types of Gutters in Singapore

Updated on Wednesday 15th November 2017

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Gutters are important fittings of a property because they offer protection against the rain. Since gutters play such an important role in preserving the integrity of a house, it is crucial that you make an informed decision when having them installed by our plumber in Singapore by knowing the different types of gutters
Here are the most common types of gutters in Singapore and the materials they can be made of. 

The most common types of gutters used in Singapore

The gutters installed by our plumbers in Singapore can be:
Eaves gutters: these can be found at the bottom extremity of a sloping roof. They generally are attached by our plumber in Singapore to the fascia boards by brackets and have a wide variety of styles and shapes in either plastic or metal. Old gutters are commonly made of cast-iron, while more recent ones are usually made of plastic, even though aluminum is sometimes utilized;
Valley gutters: the connection between two sloping roofs, like one between a gable and a hipped-end roof, is named a valley. A metal flashing is placed along of a valley, forming a watertight gutter which drains the water into eaves or into parapet gutters;
Parapet gutters: this type of gutters in Singapore drains a flat roof between parapet walls. The way this works is by one of the parapet walls containing a gap or channel and the roof sloping a little towards it. This enables the water to drop into a hopper placed at the top of a downpipe.

Gutter materials in Singapore

Gutters can be fabricated from:
Aluminum: they are extremely popular because this material is resistant to corrosion, lightweight, facile to work with and can have a wide range of colors, being cheaper than other materials;
Copper: the copper gutters are not much more qualitative than the aluminum ones, even though they are more expensive. They certainly hold certain advantages though, as long as they are correctly installed, which is what our Singapore plumbing professionals can do for you. The main reason why to choose this type of gutters is because they do not have to be painted again and it does not mildew like other painted surfaces;
Other materials: our local plumbers can give you more details about the other types of gutter materials available in Singapore.
If you would like to know more about the best gutter types to consider, or for any kind of plumbing services in Singapore, we invite you to get in touch with our friendly team of plumbers.


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