Types of Septic Systems in Singapore

Updated on Friday 27th October 2017

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If you want to have a new septic system installed, or to set up a septic inspection or tank repair for a current one, our reputable plumbers in Singapore can help. Here are the types of septic systems used in Singapore.


1. Septic tank based systems in Singapore

A single septic tank based system in Singapore is made of an underground container or tank which is meant to receive and settle wastewater.
The solid materials gather at the inferior side as sludge and the oil, grease and fat get settled at the surface, forming a layer of scum. Our plumber in Singapore can provide more details on this matter.
Anaerobic bacteria, which is bacteria that does not need oxygen, appear in the tank and break down the solid waste.
Inside a fully functional septic tank, bacteria can decrease the solid waste by 50 to even 60%. The liquid from the sludge on the inferior side of the septic tank and the top scum (named effluent) pours out from the tank in the disposal site.
Then, the sludge and the scum coats are pumped out on a regular basis. This is done by septic pumping companies.

2. Conventional septic systems

Just like the name implies, the conventional septic tank systems are basic ones. There are two types of conventional septic systems:
The septic systems in Singapore which use gravity in order to move the wastewater from the tank into the field;
The septic system which utilizes a pump to move the water.
Septic tanks in gravity systems are located on higher grounds than the drain field, which enables the flow of water into the tank and then in the drain field.
As about the pressure distribution systems, our plumbers in Singapore can provide detailed information on the subject.

3. Alternative septic tank systems in Singapore

These can be:
Aerobic treatment units (ATU);
Mound systems;
Sand filter systems.
Our Singapore plumbing professionals can offer all the necessary information on this types of alternative septic systems in Singapore.
For more details on septic types in Singapore, as well as for assistance related to any plumbing services in Singapore, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.


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